PMAce - Built for Project Managers by Project Managers

PMAce is every team manager's dream app. This app is created for project managers by project managers. Whether you are an interior designer, manager at an agency or a startup guru PMAce will help you get your work done on time. This app is ideal for those who believe in macro-management and also for remote project managers.
In a typical client servicing model, timely delivery is most important. PMAce allows project managers to manage the resources available to them most effectively and efficiently.
PMAce focuses on getting work done on time in the simplest manner. With this app, you can know exactly what your team is working on while you are away from the office attending important business meetings. The app is designed to bridge communication gaps while working remotely.
PMAce allows team leads and project managers to

  • Allocate tasks to the team
  • Check the status and progress of every task and project
  • Predict the time required to complete a new project based on resource availability to give a more accurate estimate to clients
  • To review notifications or personal tasks
  • Track the time required to complete particular tasks and projects
  • View a resource efficiency summary of the elapsed period of time
  • View and generate custom reports for projects
  • Individual dashboards that give personalized views of the tasks pending and the tasks completed.
  • Noticeboard feature to accommodate ad-hoc tasks

Now ace those projects. Download PMAce using this link.

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